Our KidsTech reporter, Caitlyn, caught up with 50 Cent at this year's CES in Vegas! See/hear what he had to say about his new headphones and what he likes best about the new tech!
Want to create some fun, action-packed videos? With Action Movie FX, you can easily add movie-style special effects with this fun action movie-making app. Find out how it works and how to get started.
50 Cent joined "Into Tomorrow" again on their radio broadcast from IFA 2012. He was disappointed our KidsTech Reporter Caitlyn didn't travel to Berlin. So he left the following message for her. Enjoy!
Are you ready for school? On this edition of our KidsTech Reports, Caitlyn shares how technology can help you get ready for the new school year.

Question: How did you prepare for the new school year? Leave us a comment below.
Orangutans are being trained to communicate with an iPad. Technology is no longer exclusive to humans! We recently visited Jungle Island in Miami, Florida to take a closer look at how the iPad is giving Orangutans a choice and a voice. This was super fun! We had no idea these animals were as smart as they are. We were thrilled to see them using modern-day technology. Watch our video report above.

In addition to checking out the Orangutans, we also enjoyed several fun and informative shows, featuring trained animals. We got to feed some Red Kangaroos, enjoyed seeing a Liger, and even had time for some souvenir shopping.

We highly recommend visiting Jungle Island if you find yourself near our wonderful city. Lots to see and learn!

On this edition of our KidsTech Reports, Caitlyn talks about a fun app she can't stop using on her iPhone called Songify. Take a look at how it turns your spoken word into a song.

Songify is also available for Android devices. Download it here.
Caitlyn reviews Zumba Fitness 2 (Nintendo Wii Version), a popular dancing game for the entire family to enjoy. If you can't attend a Zumba class with a live instructor, then this video game is a great alternative.
Caitlyn shares a fun game application she's been playing on her iPad called Temple Run. The app is also available on Android. Find out what makes this app so fun to play! Careful: you might get hooked!

Have you played with this app? What do you think? Please leave us a comment.
Caitlyn shows you some cool robots she found at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas, NV. They are made by a company in Vietnam called TOSY Robots.
We are Attending the Kids@PlaySummit, here is a brief summary of the event details from www.kidsatplaysummit.com -

The Kids@PlaySummit is both a conference and an exhibition held at CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center each January. It explores the world of digital kids who are tomorrow’s digital citizens. Our parent company (Living in Digital TImes) is one of CES’s largest partners. We focus on delivering products in the context of lifestyle. We cater to companies who need help in order to make a bold statement to a particular market segment.  Our venue is intimate, our press coverage widespread.

Why Kids?
The tools of the digital world: Twitter and Facebook, Wii and mobile phones belong to kids from cradle to grave. The world they inherit will have new ways of playing, creating, exploring and sharing a family moment. Technology will be at the heart of their celebrations, education and entertainment. And yes, they’ll also have plenty of new ways to get into trouble, ways that will require creative technology as part of the solution. The kids’ technology business is big business and it’s an important business.

At the Summit Conference …
Smash, bang, wow, kick, kerplooie — this is the year that the mouse and the remote take the back seat to more human interfaces –  the kick, the swipe and the utterance.  It’s the year where we’ll investigate how 3D games, video and education will fit into a young kid’s perception. Will look at the convergence of television, Internet and mobile gadgets to immerse kids in experiences that follow them wherever they go. From school to home to car, from bedroom to classroom kids use their technology with a new fluidity.

Caitlyn Gatrell is part of the 2012 Speakers and the line up can be viewed here.